Ruler cutter, 70cm (Code: SLS-70)

  • ruler with integrated roll cutter
  • for a fast and accurate cutting of fabrics and paper
  • size: 70 x 11.5cm
  • scaling: 0.25cm
  • for the use you  need a cutting mat


  • Precise: the cutting device contains a round knife (45mm) with which can cut up to 6 layers of fabric or 12 sheets of paper
  • 70cm long: the combination of a ruler and a roll cutter in one unit allows cutting lengths of up to 65cm and accurate
  • Marks: the ruler is printed with a cm-scale for light and dark fabrics and allows for a wide range of cut guides in conjunction with a cutting mat and its raster lines
  • Safe: after the cutting process, the round knife automatically retracts into the plastic head and can be secured in this position
  • Fitter separations: the cut depth setting allows an exact cut without cutting too deeply into the mat, thus protection the blade and cutting mat
  • Replacable blade: the blade of the roller blade is easy to replace
Price: EUR 24,95
plus shipping
Quantity in stock: 4
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