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Bag, Makers gonna make (Code: 099.MR4643)
Price: EUR 3,25
Bag, Sewing (Code: 099.MR4643)
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Clip for pacifier chain, 30mm x 42mm, pink (Code: CC-b47)

  • 30mm x 42mm
  • plastic
  • pink
  • for the production of pacifier chains, stroller chains,...
  • they ar suitable for 25mm wide tapes
  • the crocodile teeth keep very well in a wide variety of fabrics without damaging them
  • with the special locking mechanism, they are difficult for babies and children to open
  • can be washed easilly
  • DIN EN 12586
5 Piece - 10 Piece EUR 0,67 / Piece
Price: EUR 0,70
plus shipping
Details of the material
Color: pink
Quantity in stock: 10